I don’t know..

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..what to do with my Life.


“76 floosik bl shams wig3ad bl thlal”

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I truly appreciate this quote. Why do we have money if we’re not gona use it for our own comfort? Of course we should be real about it and not abuse it for 2 reasons: 1) becuz I don’t actually sit on a bank or have an oil well in our little backyard, and 2) becuz sometimes its nice to do some things on your own. However, in many situations this quote is very applicable.

Lets say, for example, I have a collage of frames (8+) that I want to hang up in a specific way to fit a vision that I have for them in my head. Instead of going through the hassle of measuring the wall and where each individual frame nail should go and measuring the space between each frame and being so anal about making it as perfect as can be.. Instead of going through all that stress, I can just pay a specialized person to do it for me. I’ll put my money in the sun and chill out in the shade!


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That’s a hot date.

Pen accident

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My favorite work pen is my white transparent Wataniya Telecom pen. I love how smooth it is when I write, how my handwriting turns out with it, and its grip and the fact that the ink is blue and doesn’t dry out.

Yesterday I went to the toilet lobby area at work with it and a piece of paper to make a phone call and write some notes. On my way out, I took a piece of tissue, as I always do, to hold the doorknob with when I open the door. I had my mobile in one hand and my pen/paper/tissue all in the other. I opened the door with the tissue then threw it in the trash while walking out and my pen fell in. :(

My favorite work pen has decessed because I was too grossed out to dig it out. I must get another one. An identical one! So.. mission Wataniya pen is ON!!

Wake me up at …

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I’m leading a life where time is of an essence, and I believe that most, if not all, of us are the same. So, people invented clocks, (like wall clocks, or Big Ben clocks), watches (hand watches :p), and of course, alarms.

My input here is about alarms, what i personally do is that readjusted my computers, laptops, mobiles, car clocks timings 7 minutes earlier so that i get to be a head of time, or at least, trying to.

I set my room alarm to 05:48 in the morning. Why not 05:50 or 06:00 ? well, because the other numbers have the exact same right as the zeros or fives have.

Therefore, this is an official open invitation from La7tha Shway people to start using the sevens, threes or even the ones in your alarms.

Social vs. Personal

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Many times you see a person who’s smiley and cheerful from the outside; so easy to approach and so close to the heart, even upon the first encounter. You see them acting very socially, talking so nicely and in a matter of minutes you feel like you’ve known them for a long time. You think to yourself: Wow, this person is such a sweetheart and is well-rounded and educated. They seem so positive. They must lead a happy life.

However, appearances can be deceiving at times. Meeting someone in a social context is just one side of the coin. The flip side could reflect an opposing imagine. One that conceals sadness or depression or a broken soul struggling to remain composed and unshattered. No one lives a perfect life. And believe it or not, sometimes even the last person you could ever imagine to be sad might be crying themselves to sleep every night.

Moral of this post is..

Well, no moral. Just sharing a fact I guess.

On a lighter note, learning interpersonal skills is quiet interesting. :) Perhaps I’ll share a thing or 2 in an upcoming post.

Go Gaby!

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I just finished watching episode 14 (season 6) of Desperate Housewives. Gabrielle Solis cracks me up! She always does. I love her character and her unintentional humor. And the way her household is run is so entertaining to watch. I like all the other ladies as well, but in terms of favorites they follow this order: Gabrielle, Susan, Lynette, Bree.

If I had a choice of which housewife to be, I’d say Gabrielle. Bree’s style, home, and cooking is impeccable, but she’s too up-tight. Lynette’s household is so cozy and family-oriented and her relationship with her husband is genuinely sweet & sincere, but she’s too in-charge. Susan is fun and funny, but she’s too much of a cluts in every way/shape/form. Gaby, on the other hand, is pampered and living large. And I like Carlos. Although its a bit superficial at times, but their relationship is still loving. I like how he’s got his strong personality and his soft spots. He’s careful with money, yet he showers her with it at the same time. I love when he’s like: How much do you want? Or, just take my wallet Gaby! And of course she never says no. :P

I wanna be spoiled. Am sure I’d make a great spoiled person!