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Guess the winner

Posted: June 13, 2010 by a la Mocha in Events, Money, Sports

At work, the company has come up with this game where they send us the FIFA games of the day and we guess who the winning country will be or if it will be a tie. Upon guessing the results correctly, you win X amount of money. That’s fun! I submitted my first votes today, which took the World Cup to an unexpected level for me. :P

I must say, this feels like gambling. I’m so eager to know the results!


“Latte factor”

Posted: June 8, 2010 by a la Mocha in F&B, Money

I noticed that when I go on a healthy regimen/lifestyle change (trying to avoid the word DIET), it’s cost saving. I don’t spend much money at work buying a drink & snack from Caribou or Starbucks during my break or unnecessary munchies from the kart guy. Instead, I stick to the things I brought with me from home.

This is how it went before:
Latte from Caribou (small) = KD 1.250
Latte from Caribou (small) x 5 days a week = KD 6.250

Of course I would range from Latte to Strawberry/Banana Smoothie to White Chocolate Mocha, but I’m using Latte as a simplified example. Then you have a sandwich one day and a muffin the next and those caramel cookies or a salad, etc. All that is adding to that KD 6.250. I guess this is what one of Oprah’s financial guru guests referred to as the “Latte factor”.

Some may think it’s lame to buy a Latte everyday at such a cost when I (or the office boy) can make coffee/tea at my work station, but the thing is that when you’re stuck working in a cubicle for 8 hours a day, you need to get out of it for a BREATH of some different kind of air! Change of environment shwaya and a drink/snack happens to be part of the package. With the healthy regimen/lifestyle change, I still go but I opt for tea or Americano and not on a daily basis.

This post is strictly about the cost factor so I won’t get started on the calories! Conclusion of this is that sticking to a planned (non-random) eating habit at work can be cost-effective. (And calorie-effective, but again, not the point here. :p)