i can bake too

Posted: August 13, 2010 by a la Mocha in Uncategorized

I remember the last time I baked. It was 2 Ramadan’s ago. I was on a roll. I baked a carrot cake from a Martha Stewart baking recipes book. From scraaaaatch. The following weekend I baked a coconut/nut cake. They were both yummy. I had spent hours on the whole procedure, from buying the ingredients, to organizing the tools, documenting everything from beginning to end, listening to music while mixing the contents etc. It was fun, but it was a long procedure. Thankfully it ended in success and I had leftover crumbs to vouch for that. Ehm.

I’ve been meaning to bake cookies for 2 months now, but never got around to doing so. I also wanna make cupcakes. I found this easy recipe in a magazine the other day. I’d also like to bake a cake. Something new and unique. Hmm, its been 2 Ramadans’. I think that was a good enough break and it’s time to bake something else and that should last me another Ramadan or 2. *Turning the channel to Fatafeat for inspiration*

  1. baking(cooking in general) has become one of my fav things to do!
    i haven’t done anything this ramadan yet.. i think i’m gonna start 2morrow with a donut muffin recipe ..

  2. no3ik says:

    wow mashallah 3laich i neverb aked cakes or cookies ..
    but i can tell u this .. for my son cooking lessons! yes they give them cooking classes @ 2!!
    they helped them make (oatmeal cookies) its like the easiest yummiest and healthy too ;)

    so try the oatmeal cookies .. and let me know how it goes ;* 3wafi inshalah

  3. a la Mocha says:

    Journal: Yala start, u might motivate me. ;) Oo post about it with pics lemme see. :)

    No3ik: Yum, oatmeal cookies. Ya7lailhom, didnt know they teach kids to cook at 2. :P Will try those too oo will do n Allah y3afeech. :*

  4. doona says:

    the first time i ever stepped foot into the kitchen was last ramadan..and i was on a roll up until i finished my finals ;p

    now i just want to rot peacefully in my room…not be in the kitchen ;p

  5. a la Mocha says:

    I know wat u mean. :P I haven’t baked yet wirmthan is coming to an end.. :P

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