Pen accident

Posted: July 1, 2010 by a la Mocha in Uncategorized

My favorite work pen is my white transparent Wataniya Telecom pen. I love how smooth it is when I write, how my handwriting turns out with it, and its grip and the fact that the ink is blue and doesn’t dry out.

Yesterday I went to the toilet lobby area at work with it and a piece of paper to make a phone call and write some notes. On my way out, I took a piece of tissue, as I always do, to hold the doorknob with when I open the door. I had my mobile in one hand and my pen/paper/tissue all in the other. I opened the door with the tissue then threw it in the trash while walking out and my pen fell in. :(

My favorite work pen has decessed because I was too grossed out to dig it out. I must get another one. An identical one! So.. mission Wataniya pen is ON!!

  1. swera says:

    aaawww !!! go get u a new one and may it rest in peace ;)

  2. a la Mocha says:

    Thanks Swera! :)

  3. no3ik says:

    LOL this happens to me alot!!! i toss tissue with some other stuff
    once was my care keys! lol had to get them out :/

    anyways if u get a nother wataniya pen let us know :p

  4. Laluce says:

    Hey I have an extra one ! I luv it too
    I don’t mind giving it to u ;)

    Contact me I’m serious

  5. a la Mocha says:

    No3ik: I got one! Will post about it. ;p

    Laluce: Aww, ur so sweet! Thanks babe. :* Bs i got one! :D

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