Social vs. Personal

Posted: June 28, 2010 by a la Mocha in Life, People

Many times you see a person who’s smiley and cheerful from the outside; so easy to approach and so close to the heart, even upon the first encounter. You see them acting very socially, talking so nicely and in a matter of minutes you feel like you’ve known them for a long time. You think to yourself: Wow, this person is such a sweetheart and is well-rounded and educated. They seem so positive. They must lead a happy life.

However, appearances can be deceiving at times. Meeting someone in a social context is just one side of the coin. The flip side could reflect an opposing imagine. One that conceals sadness or depression or a broken soul struggling to remain composed and unshattered. No one lives a perfect life. And believe it or not, sometimes even the last person you could ever imagine to be sad might be crying themselves to sleep every night.

Moral of this post is..

Well, no moral. Just sharing a fact I guess.

On a lighter note, learning interpersonal skills is quiet interesting. :) Perhaps I’ll share a thing or 2 in an upcoming post.

  1. no3ik says:

    lol this is funny when i first entered ur blog i thought “da5alt raqam ghala6” lol 3bali emthay3a!!
    this theme is too much!! toooo guyish i guess i expected a post about cars and motorcycles lol
    anyways i guess ur still trying on outfits for ur blogggy blog so good luck on that :p

    now back to ur post .. i agree no one is happy .. and most ppl unfortunately have something big in their lives that they sometimes choose to keep for themselves .. and is the reason they cry them selves to sleep no matter how cheerful they appear with people. Allah ehawin 3l kl inshallah.

  2. a la Mocha says:

    Hehe la moo dasha raqam ‘3ala6.. it’s still us. ;P I appreciate ur honesty! It does feel kinds guyish ur rite. Bs i love the scribbled arrow sign next to the post title hehe. Yup as u guessed, we still r playing around with themes. Nothing final yet. :P

    N bak to ur post comment, AMEEN to that! :)

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