another challenge around the corner !

Posted: June 22, 2010 by iJose in Life

In life, we would never enjoy winning battles, without the bitter taste of challenge. Those who achieve things without a sweat drop or a sleepless night, I do pitty them. Not because they’ve reached their goal, but because they did not taste the real thing.

I love challenges, to an extent that I seek em sometimes, I have my ups and downs, yet again my heart is pumping blood and my brain is leading the way.

Everybody dreams, but make sure you make your dream a reality, and only then, you’re a day dreamer. Stay away from those whose the word “impossible” is like drinking water. But instead, create your world, where the …

Impossible is Nothing !

  1. a la Mocha says:

    Yup, no pain no gain.

    3ad ako lots of those ppl ili y7ab6oon. Most of the time they do it cuz they don’t hav the guts (or malhom 5ilg) 2 stand up 4 their goals/dreams fa they think every1 is a bum like them and/or they don’t want ppl 2 achieve wat they didn’t.

    Boo hoo 4 them, woo hoo 4 u! ;p

  2. TaZmaNiA says:

    :) good post thanks for the thoughts

  3. Laluce says:

    Those Ely y7ab6ooon they do it out of jelousy
    Fa the best thing to do is to enjoy ta7be6hom and head up
    Malat !

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