Work, work, work!

Posted: June 21, 2010 by a la Mocha in People

There’s a guy at work who is always on his desk. When I come early, he’s there. When I leave late, he’s there. When I go for a break, he’s there. When I come back, guess what? He’s still there! It seems this guy’s behind is literally glued to his seat. He’s always busy working. He’s a tech-person working on reporting/operational stuff. Bs ya3ni 7aram, I feel sorry for him. He’s like a robot. Doesn’t talk to anyone, only to his direct manager.. about work-related stuff of course. I never heard him laugh. Rarely seen his smile or his eyes look away from his computer screen. Widi agoola ir7am nafsik ishway! Il3omor y5ali9 bs work never does! Take a break. Ditch work. Breathe a little. Stretch! Go home on time. Come to work a little late. Something!

Btw, he looks shwaya like Mr. Bean bs 3ala shwaya darker.

  1. no3ik says:

    ooowwww … poor guy (sniff)
    ma7ib chithee ,, it breaks my heart.
    try to start small chat see how it goes ..
    maybe he needs to make some friends but hes super busy or shy :p
    i dont know :p

  2. a la Mocha says:

    I thot so too, so I started directing a special ‘good morning’ to him il9b7. Awal ayam he ignored me. Than gam ygool gmorning back. Now im6anishni again. Madri shasawi fee itha good morningti moo 3ajbita. :P Maybe he’s just anti-social. Like Mr. Bean.

  3. swera says:

    eee 3ndena wa7daaaa chethi a7esha lazga belkrsiiiiii! takser el5a6er! she’s indian secretary o never got a raise madre 3ala sheno 7arga 3merha :S

    mayadrooon a5ratna letrab madre lesh eta3boooon nafshom!

  4. a la Mocha says:

    Hehe, ya misakeen. I feel bad 4 them wala.. Allah y3eenhom, maybe they have a tough life or something. Bs still..

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