It’ll Getcha

Posted: June 11, 2010 by a la Mocha in Life, People

Karma supports the theory that the world goes round and round. Doing something bad to someone will, in turn, come back and strike you. This means that no crime goes unpunished, which ultimately insures justice and balance in the world. Thank God for that.

I really don’t understand why some people can be evil, especially when they are evil for no apparent reason. Is it caused by their lack of self-security? Envy? Do they gain satisfaction by doing evil things? Do they find pleasure in hurting others?

I honestly cannot process human evilness. I cannot impose evil on anything, let alone a human being. So I wonder how those people function mentally. How does their mind work, cuz it seriously seems sick. That’s the only valid reason I can get myself to grasp; they are mentally ill people.

I can see people doing bad things to others out of revenge or anger, but that is triggered by rage. I see evilness as being on a totally different level. It is over-analyzing and scheming and being sly and impure and paranoid and delusional. Evil minds are disturbed and morally corrupt. They’re not sane, basically. Unsound minds.

All I can say is, Allah ykafina sharhom. And may Karma do its thaang!

  1. no3ik says:

    great post.. alah kafena sharhom..
    thats why Allah again and again kept reminding humans
    they should cleans their souls and hearts ..
    be good to everyone and be happy to everyone.
    wish what u want for ur self upon others :)
    he even asked us to constantly wish peace on each person we come across and always have a smile on our face.. can u imagine a society like that?
    if only people followed their religions (a5laq) morals
    our world would be the best to live in :)

  2. a la Mocha says:

    Oh yes, so true! Everything in terms of behavior and human interaction in our religion is said for a reason. As u said loo kilman yibtisim ib wayh ithani (with good intentions) then a lot of the problems that happen wud cease 2 exist. A9lan sb7an Allah when u smile, nafsitich tit’3ayar. And its contagious. Bs mashala 3indina kilman imbawiz oo nafsita ib 5ashma oo mashyeen chinhom they own the streets. Oo lo a7ad ibtisamlihom galaw 7mdila wilshokor shfeeha? Wila wai shoofi’3azalni! Oo shay thani ina lazim inkoon humble oo we treat ppl as equals oo ma7ad a7san min ilthani, bs here unfortunately most ppl ma yistaw3ibon this concept. Superiority complex thabi7hom.

  3. a la Mocha says:

    Maybe Kuwait should start an awareness campaign mithil mal il kahraba wil may bs aimed for smiling. :P

    Taboon tit9adiqon? Freakin smile! Easy oo cheap. :P

  4. no3ik says:

    start the campaign im ur first supporter!! lol
    mn 9igi everything goes in kuwait.. we need nice normal ppl representing islam other than some of the scary extremists we have.

    “Taboon tit9adiqon? Freakin smile! Easy oo cheap”

    gr8 moto ;)

  5. a la Mocha says:

    Hehehe, gald u liked the motto’s bluntness. ;P

    And ya it is a gr8 idea 4 a campaign. Hmm, maybe we shud start it.

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