Posted: June 9, 2010 by iJose in Uncategorized

Traveling has loads of good benefits, especially to countries where technology and vision are 50 years ahead of us. So, one day I was drivin from Los Angeles to San Diego, I came across a sign that says “HOV-2”, and then I discovered that the left lane in the highway is designated to vehicles carrying 2 people or more. They were indirectly encouraging people to car-pooling. I like this idea, and I really wish that the ministry of interior to do such things, instead of cash penalties, in which, in my opinion, did not make much of a difference when it comes to traffic safety and control.

HOV stands for highly occupied vehicle.

  1. a la Mocha says:

    Wow, it shows they hav ppl actively n efficiently thnking of solutions 2 solve such issues. Bs i wonder how they monitor it.

  2. no3ik says:

    i felt the same way after i saw the car pool lane
    the only problem we have.. is that most people dont respect the laws! even our cops dont follow the law when driving.
    can u imagine if it was rush hour with traffic .. do u think the carpool lane would be just for those carpooling?!

    lol drivers use the emergency ambulance-police car lanes when its crowded .. so i dont think it will make any difference as long as ppl dont know how to respect the laws.

  3. iJose says:

    a la mocha: what i really like about the states and Europe is that authorities have faith in their citizens. they dont have much surveillance yet people would still by tickets for the trains, or not be in the HOV lane if not qualified. not to mention patrols every now and then, but believe me its not as awful as in kuwait.

    no3ik: what you’re saying is 100% correct, the majority of our population are education-deprived, when it comes to human-to-law interaction. i believe that if we have a well-structured roads, laws, and cops, the situation would have been much better, baring in mind the community’s education.

    If i was the minister of health, as I was talkin to a la mocha the other day, I would, technically, ban mobile networks if the vehicle is over 80 km/h of speed. i would definitely substitute cash penalties with community service, which scares our people the most. i would, in collaboration with the PACI, plan proper roads that would accommodate the increment in our population. personally im against “NOs”, yet again i would indirectly implement the appropriate.

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