“Latte factor”

Posted: June 8, 2010 by a la Mocha in F&B, Money

I noticed that when I go on a healthy regimen/lifestyle change (trying to avoid the word DIET), it’s cost saving. I don’t spend much money at work buying a drink & snack from Caribou or Starbucks during my break or unnecessary munchies from the kart guy. Instead, I stick to the things I brought with me from home.

This is how it went before:
Latte from Caribou (small) = KD 1.250
Latte from Caribou (small) x 5 days a week = KD 6.250

Of course I would range from Latte to Strawberry/Banana Smoothie to White Chocolate Mocha, but I’m using Latte as a simplified example. Then you have a sandwich one day and a muffin the next and those caramel cookies or a salad, etc. All that is adding to that KD 6.250. I guess this is what one of Oprah’s financial guru guests referred to as the “Latte factor”.

Some may think it’s lame to buy a Latte everyday at such a cost when I (or the office boy) can make coffee/tea at my work station, but the thing is that when you’re stuck working in a cubicle for 8 hours a day, you need to get out of it for a BREATH of some different kind of air! Change of environment shwaya and a drink/snack happens to be part of the package. With the healthy regimen/lifestyle change, I still go but I opt for tea or Americano and not on a daily basis.

This post is strictly about the cost factor so I won’t get started on the calories! Conclusion of this is that sticking to a planned (non-random) eating habit at work can be cost-effective. (And calorie-effective, but again, not the point here. :p)


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